Barbie Doll Foosball Table

What if you replaced the rotating players on your foosball table with Barbie Dolls? You’d get Barbie Foot, a bright pink and surprisingly attractive looking table soccer game. Built by French designer Chloe Ruchon, the aim is to bring a female aspect into the male dominated world of foosball. Male dominated? I thought it was just drunk people dominated?
It was produced in conjunction with Mattel and showcased at the DMY Berlin Design Festival recently. The partnership with Mattel is interesting because that means there is a (probably slim but) real possibility that Barbie Table Soccer can be mass produced and sold. Maybe for lesbian bars? Anyway, apparently foosball is popular enough globally to also be known as fooseball, foozeball, fusball, fuseball, table soccer, metegol, taca-taca, futbolín, totó, pebolim, gits, footine, baby-foot, and kicker. Cool foosball table.

via designboom

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