Super Cute Plush Star Wars Doll USB Flash Drives

plush vader usb drive
Etsy seller Alas My Dear has created these adorable hand knit Star Wars plush dolls that are also USB flash drives. The Force is strong with this one- the force of cuteness. The drives run from $40-45 for 2GB with a $10 4GB upgrade option. The seller has created a variety of really cute ones like this Yoda:
plush yoda usb flash drive
Yoda is cute no matter what form he’s in. There’s no way to uncute Yoda. Now slave bikini Princess Leia, aka the holy grail of nerd lust, she somehow doesn’t translate so well into the knit form:
plush leia usb flash drive
She kind of looks bloated to me. Each drive comes in a pretty sweet box too with drawing all over it. Nice work.

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    Expecting your response

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