USB Crunching Elmo- Do Muppets Have Abs?

It’s Elmo’s world and we’re all just living in it. Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon too, and his rock hard six-pack abdominals. You don’t get ripped abs by just sitting around playing hundreds of different songs all to the tune of Jingle Bells- you’ve got to work out and Elmo knows what’s up.

In the spirit of the USB Crunching Rocky and USB crunching (and humping) dog comes the USB Crunching Elmo. Elmo’s working out because he’s looking to take down Mr. Noodle hard in a fight and he needs to do the crunches so he’s ready to take a punch. Mr. Noodle was a mime-boxer in his earlier years. Crunching Elmo is available for $22 (pre-order, release date is later this month) and you can get Sesame Street’s favorite Muppet in one of three exciting shirt colors- yellow, blue, or white.