Altoids Tin Catapult- Curiously Childlike

Altoids are those curiously strong mints we all know and love. They’re also the second best word ending in “oids” after asteroids. Catapults are the best way to get downtown to see the galleries and your favorite fiancee in her lavender gown. Well with a little ingenuity (and a coat hanger, rubber band, and some glue) you can easily create your own Altoids Tin Catapult and launch those little mints into your mouth or into your friend’s eye.

I’d recommend (please don’t sue me, act at your own risk here) that you make this catapult and then set it up to launch Mentos across the room into a bottle of Diet Coke to recreate the classic Mentos/Diet Coke explosions I’m sure you’ve all seen. Maybe set up a huge Rube Goldberg style contraption leading up to the launch. Just an idea.

instructables via gizmodo