Double Goodness with the Two Flavor Ice Cream Maker

There’s nothing better to beat the heat than a nice bowl of ice cream. Better yet is the real deal Holyfield homemade ice cream. You have to love that refreshingly delightful velvety rich smooth taste of homemade ice cream. If you’ve never had it, you need to immediately- seriously it’s the best thing ever.

But everyone has their own flavor preferences which is not a problem when you go out to an ice cream shop and everyone can get exactly what they want. But when you’re making a batch yourself at home, you have to choose just one flavor and go with it. NOT ANYMORE! The Double Flavor Ice Cream Machine makes two batches with different flavors at the same time.

There’s no need to settle the classic chocolate vs. vanilla debate, just make ’em both! No need to fight over flavors anymore, increase the peace in your household. This 4 quart two flavor automatic ice cream maker is easy to use- just add your ingredients and ice and let the machine do all the work. You can even go a little crazy and make yourself a sundae or a cone with two different flavors. I scream, you scream, we all scream for two flavors of ice cream!

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