World’s Largest R/C Helicopter

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey helicopters- look out below! Look at the freakin’ size of that radio controlled helicopter! It claims to be the world’s largest and somehow I don’t doubt it. The r/c helicopter is modeled after the Soviet Mi-24 Assault helicopter which in real life is about 55 feet long. This looks roughly 7 feet long or about 1/8 scale… just a guess since there’s no information to go on. I’ve lived in apartments smaller than this chopper. Check out the video below to see this bad boy in action.

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29 thoughts on “World’s Largest R/C Helicopter

  1. it may be big, but i think the RC helicopters used for commercial crop spraying are bigger. there was also a 1/3rd scale allouette or lama a few years back, that was BIG, and i think bigger than this one too. even though certainly not really then biggest, a nice model all the same.

  2. its the sickest thing ive ever saw and the the biggest remote controle helecopter really its just a toy but its sick but I would not give the remote to a kid

  3. where the hell would you find a remote controle helicopter like that anyway it will be like a thousand pounds for a rc heli rather get a rc-xd car of black ops

  4. i love this helicopter. where can i buy this helicoter? please tell me i need it.

  5. I would like to buy one of your largest chopper’s!!! It is ausome!!! Could you send me some information on how to purchase this “Big Bird”? Thank You I hope to hear from you

    November 19 2012 8:15AM Eastern standard time
    Jack Meck

  6. A toy i think not that thing can and will kill you! Not to mention there is probley over $5000 in it.

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