Rocket Powered Personal Helicopter

rocket powered helicopter
The Libelula Rocket Helicopter concept from Mexico’s
Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana is a helicopter in a backpack, powered by rockets. At the tip of each of the rotor blades is a small rocket motor which helps correct the stabilization issue that has plagued other backpack helicopters in the past. Could this be the transportation of the future, when everyone has their own personal strap on helicopter to commute to and from their offices, with parking on the rooftops? Maybe, but just don’t raise your arms in the air while wearing this thing.


One thought on “Rocket Powered Personal Helicopter

  1. What I’d do is rather than placing JATO boosters on the main blades, I’d put a turbine on the main shaft & blow the fuel through the turbine.


    -NiCad Lincoln Pilot-

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