Measure Your Hippie Skills with the Hacky Sack Counter

hacky sack counter
There’s plenty of ways to measure how big of a hippie you are- number of tie-dyes in your closet, length of dreadlocks, number of times you can say dude and bro in one sentence, how many VW buses you’ve owned and named after Grateful Dead songs, age and rattiness of your Birkenstocks, and how many of your kids are named after flowers or other natural objects. But the one true definitive way is to measure how many times you can keep the hacky sack up in the air without it falling.

See the hacky sack is the true measure of hippiedom. I guess it’s also used by people who play soccer or whatever and doubly so by hippies who play soccer. But it’s a mainstay of hippies- the second most popular sport after frisbeeing. Hacky sack is the great hippie sport because it requires absolute minimal effort and it’s communal. You just stand in a circle and you don’t even have to move much at all. And your hands are free to hold the special microbrew you brought all the way from Oregon.

With the Football Keeper Upper Counter (actual name), you can keep track of just how hippie you and how many times you kick the footbag up in the air. Then you can trade those bragging points for a veggie burrito.

via nerd approved