Light Up Wee Wee Aim Ball

Sometimes men need a little more incentive to get their pee aim all lined up. Just placing a picture or a target in the bowl isn’t enough; we want flashing lights, something electronic, we want an aiming gadget. Luckily such a product exists with the Wee Wee Aim Ball a light-up soccer ball on straps that hooks right onto your toilet bowl or home urinal (you lucky bastard) and hangs in mid-air above the bowl.

When the ball is hit by the stream it changes colors and lights up. Would also be a great toilet training tool for young boys. And it looks like a soccer ball. I’m gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooing on a ball. Everybody wins! The only question is, what happens if you need to do #2?

(via RGS)

4 thoughts on “Light Up Wee Wee Aim Ball

  1. where do i actually buy one? I think it may help my daughter want to use the toilet. But it would be better if it played music too. True about the number2, and can you flush and leave it in there?

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