Working Lego Telephone (Landline)

Lego has just started to get into the gadget world, issuing a whole bunch of electronic items such as MP3 players and digital camera in the trademark Lego brick design. But this isn’t Lego’s first foray into electronics. Back in 1989 Lego and Tyco issued the Lego Phone. The Lego Phone was a working landline phone with ring and pulse tone switches. The fully functional desk phone had brick buttons and you could add one any Lego bricks you wanted to design your own phone style. Fun old school phone.

You can buy Lego Phone on eBay relatively cheap these days.

13 thoughts on “Working Lego Telephone (Landline)

  1. This was NOT a Lego product. Tyco blocks were a rip off/copy of Lego brand blocks.

    so, while it may look similar, its NOT Lego.

    Lego products have the word Lego on every stud, which rip offs like tyco and mega blocks do not have.

  2. Hey Chris, tyco super blocks werent knock offs, they were better!!! /its a shame dick gray had to get a divorce and sell out to Mattel and then Lego got Mattel to drop the product or we would have owned Lego…
    oh yea the only reason we made the block phone and the desk calculator was to mess with lego marketing, We sold them at a loss as a joke…

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