Emergency MP4 Player has 8 Functions Including Breathalizer and Pest Repellent

The SM010A Emergency MP4 Player from Hong Kong’s SATY is an insane convergence of technologies. It can play standard MP3 and MP4 files like a normal PMP and it has a radio. But a radio and an MP3 isn’t going to help you survive, so it does more.

Since this is an “emergency” player so it also has a built in flashlight on it’s top side. It can use it’s own battery to charge up your cellphone or other USB powered device. There’s also some sort of SOS alarm. The SM010A will never run out of power because in addition to it’s 700mAh battery it also has a pull cord on the left side which allows you to endlessly power it up. 2 minutes of string pulling is enough juice for 1 hour of flashlight usage or 1-2 hours of standby on your cellphone. The gadget can also be powered by USB.

As they say on TV informercials “but wait, there’s more!”. The Emergency MP4 Player also has a pest and mosquito repellent, which is probably just a high pitched sound. For some bizarre reason it also has an alcohol breathalizer (I guess so you can figure out if you really need to be saved or if you’re just too drunk to know where you are). And coming soon “smoking heater” (I presume that means a lighter?) and poison gas detector. Wow. This thing is boxy and bulky looking but it sure packs in a lot of functions.

hat tip: gearlog

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