Steam Spa Puts You in a Tent Inside Your House

steam spa
We all want to look younger and have great skin but at what price? No, not at what price in terms of money, I’m talking about at what price to your personal dignity? Maybe you’re willing to put a mud mask on with cucumbers over your eyelids. Stick your feet into one of those ionic foot baths? Or wrap yourself up in gauze like a mummy. But are you willing to put on a ridiculous plastic rainhat hat and zip yourself up into a steam filled tent inside your own home?

The Steam Spa brings all the benefits of a sauna into your home. You strip down naked or nearly nude, somehow finagle yourself into the tent, put on the silly hat, and hook up the steam unit hose. Then sit back and relax and detoxify. Or squat uncomfortably, since it’s totally unclear as to whether or not the Steam Spa is mean to go over a chair or stool- it doesn’t look big enough to accommodate much more than just a body. Whatever the case, just make sure you’re not expecting any visitors since it might be a bit awkward to answer the door wearing nothing but a Steam Spa tent.