Ultimate Geek Watch has Video Camera, 1.8in Screen, Plays MP3s

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a watch that has so many functions crammed into such a small package. This ultimate geek watch has a 1.8″ LCD screen which can display 160 x 128 pixels. You can play back MP4 videos on there. It can also play MP3s and has a 4 setting equalizer. That’s the headphone jack on the top left. This watch has a built in video camera:

The video camera shoots at 352×288 and can do still images at 640×480. There’s 8GB of internal storage. There’s enough storage to hold 16 hours of video! The watch’s lithium ion battery will last long enough for 90 minutes of shooting.

The watch has a mini-USB port for data transfer and charging. It also has a small speaker on the bottom. Really this watch does it all and it doesn’t look that bad either. Best of all the watch is relatively cheap at 13,800 Japanese yen which at today’s rate is only 155 dollars. Although it’s from a Japanese seller, so shipping to the US (if they do ship, I can’t tell) would be pricey.

product page (translated JP)

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  1. I have one of these I love it! A friend and former co-worker from Japan sent it to me as a gag gift ( the gag was he preloaded it with pron >.<). But it's definitely worth the investment

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