Edifier IF500 is a Bulbous iPod Dock

The Edifier if500 Luna 5 iPod dock definitely makes a stylish statement. It has a bulbous type shape, almost reminding me of a mylar balloon. Inside that big dome is actually 5 speakers, which should give it pretty good sound:

There’s also a 5″ subwoofer driver and digital FM radio as well as an auxiliary jack for connecting non-iPod audio devices. The subwoofer is rated at 35W while the remaining tweeters are a combined 20W. The iPod dock itself is designed to “float” above the base to avoid being rattled by the bass from the speakers (for hard drive based iPods). It costs about $225 at today’s exchange rate… and you know anytime I mention “at today’s exchange rate” it means you can’t get it here in the United States just yet. Available in the UK and elsewhere currently.

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