Ceiling Fan with Built in Speakers

While I applaud the convergence of technologies with the forthcoming Hunter Concert Breeze ceiling fan with integrated speakers, I believe this is probably not a good combination. The speaker is located in the center below the blades and receives the audio signal from a Soundolier Maestro 2.4GHz wireless transmitter which you hook up to your stereo or iPod. Yes I will concede that the center of a room on the ceiling is probably an ideal speaker location, but you don’t put a fan directly next to your speaker- it blows the sound all over the place. That’s why you can get the “Darth Vader effect” by talking right into a desk fan- the sound gets distorted! Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but I don’t think this fan is a winner.

via dvice

One thought on “Ceiling Fan with Built in Speakers

  1. ummm… if you speak into a fan you will sound like Chris Farley doing a bad darth Vader imperssonation… the speaker is below the blades in the light fixture firing down. I am throwing out my drywall saw and installing fans before my competition does! sniff, sniff… I smell money!

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