Giant Sized Connect Four Game

Go big or go home! Giant Size Connect Four takes the classic game to the supersize level. This is the Hummer of Connect Four boards except that when you show off your Giant Connect 4 game, nobody will think you’re overcompensating for something else… well except for maybe your long gone youth. At nearly 4 feet tall, it’s probably big enough that you could use travel Connect Four boards as pieces although really round pieces are recommended. Anyway, Hasbro has not yet licensed this big backyard game for sale in the US just yet but they do have the similar “Giant Garden 4 in a Row” at Amazon (and it’s significantly less expensive- the official version is nearly $200).

3 thoughts on “Giant Sized Connect Four Game

  1. the game is brilliant at that scale. It the real thing. there are other large versions that don’t play properly becasue they are only 6 columns, but this is great. Pricey, but great fun.

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