Review: iFrogz Boost Speaker

We recently received an iFrogz Boost Speaker for review. This interesting speaker is a wireless speaker but it works a little differently; it uses NearField Audio to receive the sound from your iPhone or other phone with an external speaker. You simply place your device directly upon the palm-sized Boost and it “magically” amplifies the sound through a pair of 2w speakers. This is of course best demonstrated in our video review:

Quite reflective. The Boost doesn’t require any bluetooth pairing or wires or syncing, just set your phone on top of it and go. It weighs only 5.9 ounces without the trio of AA batteries it requires. The sound quality was very good for a speaker of it’s size- obviously you’re not going to get room thumping bass but it amplifies the sound enough for say an office or bedroom. Like I said in the video review, it has 15 hours of play time and 6 months on standby (or you can power it via micro USB) and sells for $39.99 (or less on Amazon!). Overall we like the simplicity of this speaker, it’s unobtrusive styling, portability, good sound quality, and overall cool factor with the NearField Audio “trick”.

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