Rock Paper Scissors Game Sort of Defeats the Whole Idea

The whole point of rock, paper, scissors is that you can make a quick decision without needing any equipment other than your hands. How else are you going to decide who jumps into the water first to see if it’s deep enough? Are you going to roll a die to see who has to clean up the flaming poo from your doorstep? Who gets to eat the last ice cream bar in the freezer? You get out your hands and RPS it. So why is there a need for a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game?

This defeats the whole purpose. There’s no spontaneity if you have to go into your closet, pull out a game board and set the whole thing up. That said, the game works with a spinning wheel for each player. The wheel is three sided- one side each for rock, paper, and scissors. You flip the lid to reveal your choice and you keep score right on the gameboard. The loser has to retrieve your Playstation controller from inside the toilet bowl. Winner gets double whipped cream on their pie.

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