R2D2 Star Wars Pez Dispenser USB Flash Drive

An R2D2 Pez Dispenser is pretty cool in it’s own right. The world’s most beloved hero-saving droid sitting atop a Pez candy dispenser- coolio. What could be better than Star Wars and candy in one item? Well how about if you converted the Pez dispenser into a USB flash drive? Pretty freakin’ awesome. The coolest part about this handmade thumbdrive is that IT STILL FUNCTIONS AS A PEZ DISPENSER!!!!
Totally stealthy! Yeah it can’t hold quite as much Pez as an unadulterated dispenser but it can also hold data. And by not as much Pez, I mean it can only hold 3 pieces of Pez. I don’t know about you, but I can down like 7 Pez (what’s the plural of Pez? Pezzes? Pezzi?) at time. But R2D2 can also hold 2GB of data- not enough for the whole Star Wars trilogy but certainly enough storage to give you tons of locations where you can buy more Pez.

Buy for $25 at Etsy

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