Hyundai Dual View In Dash LCD

Hyundai Dual LCD

The new Hyundai dual view in dash LCD displays 2 different images depending on the angle of viewing. The driver sees one thing and the passenger another- all on the same screen. The device will be available on the Hyundai Grandeur (are we running out of car names yet? Grandeur? seriously?). The driver could watch a GPS map while the passenger could watch a movie, although this could lead to a lot of driver “what’s so funny” or “you’ve got to see this” leaning over. Or if it’s anything like my car, the driver and passenger both look at maps and argue about the better route to take the entire time. I’m curious as to what the person sitting in the middle in the backseat gets to see- some sort of dizzying mashup of the two images?

via CrunchGear