USB Core Drill Drive

Yes! It’s finally here! I think it’s pretty well known by now that I’m a huge fan of drilling. Mineral exploration, core drilling, and mining is what I’m all about. And data of course. So now I am so pumped that I can store 1 GB of my drilling data on this Core Drill Drive encased in hard rubber. And at a mere $47 for 1 GB of storage, it’s well worth it for drilling fans like myself. Ok, I’m off to go drill something, can’t contain my excitement any longer.


5 thoughts on “USB Core Drill Drive

  1. You DO realize that that’s from the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, right?

    It’s not just any Core Drill

  2. The extra $40 is for merchandising. It’s bulky, and has small data storage, but fans will be willing to pay anything.
    Your drill is your soul, after all.

  3. This is incredible, whoever came up with this was the coolest.

    this brings back memories of when Simon thrust the core drill into Lordgenome and acessed his data with the USB port before blowing a hole in him. XD

  4. Remember, Simon… Believe in yourself. Not in the me, who believes in you. Not in the you, who believes in me. Belive in the you who believes in yourself.





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