Pink Dolphin Bone USB Flash Drive Has a Large Dongle

dolphin bone usb drive2
Ahh look at that friendly dolphin. He’s a USB flash drive. He can store up to 4 GB of data. He costs $29.95. He doesn’t look like a drive at all. This little dolphin is completely encased in a removable water-resistant silicone jacket. You can string this dolphin drive up on a string and tie him to yourself so you never lose him.

Dolphins are curious and intelligent mammals. Oh look, the dolphin USB flash drive is swimming over to your computer. I think he’s ready to transfer some data. Something’s happening underneath his belly. Cover the kid’s eyes. Oh no! That poor computer. He’s getting a little bit too friendly. Oh no! The dolphin is MOUNTING THE COMPUTER:
dolphin bone usb drive
This anatomically correct (I’m guessing, I’ve never looked below a dolphin) drive is part of the (appropriately enough named) Bone Collection, who you might remember as the folks that brought you the elephant drive. Yes that elephant drive. Looks like we’ve got another winner here boys.

Bone Collection Dolphin Flash Drive