Kohler VibrAcoustic the Vibrating Music Playing Light Up Bathtub

Kohler has just introduced the VibrAcoustic, a bathtub that is probably more advanced than the computer you’re reading this on. The VibrAcoustic “delivers a multisensory hydrotherapy that synchronizes music, vibration and the colors of choreographed lighting in the water”. Yes this bathtub lights up, plays music, and vibrates. The headrest is designed to keep your ears below the water but the rest of your head above for maximum relaxation. It also has a smartfill feature where it will automatically fill the tub to the top with water at a temperature you preset. There is a remote control in case you can’t reach to the other side of the tub due to your extreme relaxation. Cost is a mere $9000 but think of how many visits to the spa you can skip for that price.

Kohler via Gearlog