The $31,500 Spaceship-Shaped Star Wars and Star Trek Playing Music Box

swiss musical starship
Open your ears and open your wallets to this Swiss Musical Starship. This out of this world music box with the out of this world price has 2 music playing cylinders. One plays 35 second excerpts from the Star Wars theme, the Imperial March, and the Star Trek Theme while the other plays The Wall, Smoke on the Water, and Imagine. (I assume that means Another Brick in the Wall?) Sidenote, it also plays Cat Scratch Fever since it’s the same damn song as Smoke on the Water.

For that $31,500 pricetag you get a Swiss made music box crafted by renowned horologists (timekeepers) Reuge. The starship’s body is made of black lacquered walnut with a brass vibration plate while the dual outriggers are from anodized aluminum. Then for you music box aficionados (and at 31g’s you’d better be) it also features this stuff:

A nickel-plated brass cylinder treated with resin for sonic clarity rotates via a precise Cartel 4.144 movement, its wire pins are plucked by a 72-note tempered-steel comb in perfect time. Each tooth in the comb is tuned to a specific frequency; lower notes are weighted for optimal sonority and dampened by synthetic “feathers” for mellifluous tone.

Which sounds good to me- I guess. Well I know what I’m getting all my friends for Christmas.