Giant Kit Kat is a Mere 45,000 Calories

Some crazy guy created a homemade Kit Kat bar. But not just a normal sized one, a giant one. At approximately 2 feet long by 7 inches wide and 5 inches tall, this is one big candy bar. It comes out to be a mere 45,888 calories, 1860g saturated fat, and for those of you on a diet 1120 Weight Watchers points (which is about 3 months worth of points for a woman). For comparison-a normal person probably eats around 2400 calories and 65g of fat per day-very roughly.

The creators used a wallpaper dipping trough as a mold to make the chocolate bar. It took a few days to harden and had to be put into the fridge diagonally since it was bigger than the depth of the fridge. That’s some big eatin’!

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