Star Wars Giant Light Up Music Playing Pez Dispensers

Everything is bigger these days and Pez dispensers are no exception! Now there are Giant Star Wars Pez Dispensers. How big? Try 12 inches tall. That’s a lot of Pez to be dispensed and these big ol’ heads do not mess around when it comes to dispensing. Instead of the normal one at a time dispensing like a standard size Pez dispenser, these big guys drop out 12 Pez’s (is Pez’s the plural? Pezi? Pez? Pezs? Pezzum?) at once. They come with a dozen packs of 12 so you’ll have plenty to give out to all your buddies.

Oh and that’s not all. Like I always say, go big or go home. Giant Pez definitely goes big. These huge candy flippers also light up and play the Star Wars theme song whilst giving you the sugary treat. You can get the Star Wars Giant Pez Dispensers in a variety of styles to suit your giant Pez dispensing needs including: Darth Vader, the Death Star, a Clone Trooper, General Grievous, C-3PO, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Yoda and the pricey exclusive limited edition translucent green Yoda.

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One thought on “Star Wars Giant Light Up Music Playing Pez Dispensers

  1. Do you still have the gold colour Giant Pez, with lighting eyes. in your store?
    Can I buy the product, I’m living in Holland.
    How do I have tp pay?? With Paypal???????
    Mirjam Eijdems

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