Game of Redneck Life Board Game Yeehaw Y’all

In the Game of Redneck Life the winner is the player with the most teeth remaining at the end of the game. Yes this is a real game. It’s similar to the regular game of Life except instead of becoming a doctor or lawyer you become a Mullet Salon Operator, Taxidermist or Monster Truck Announcer. Instead of children you have young-uns. You get married, divorced, remarried and inherit a bunch of step kids all named Darryl.

This game looks like the funniest thing ever, especially if you like Redneck humor. Here’s more from the manufacturer because any possible joke I make could not be as funny as this game sounds:


Paydays are generally an opportunity to pay down your debt. Debt is incurred by buying vehicles and a home on credit. Perhaps a $500 TV, getting married, divorced, re-married, and having too many young’ens! You may fail at step parenting and be able to give your Darryls to another player.Extra earning opportunities arise: Part-time job shooting rats at the dump. Collect $20. New business venture: Steal and sell wheelchairs. Collect $300. Unexpected Expenses occur: One of your TVs breaks. Buy a nice new TV. Pay $500. Accidentally break industrial scale at feed store while weighing yourself. Pay $200 for repairs. Revenge, Sweet Revenge … Go in on a bass boat with any other player, You each pay $300. You need more time to watch TV. You may divide all of your young’ens between the other players. Steal and part out any other player’s vehicle. Collect half its value. Witness Protection Program: May trade homes with any other player.

O.M.G. There’s even an expansion pack you can get if you need more Redneck names, crazy homes, bizarre vehicles or Go Redneckin’ Cards (I don’t even want to know what those are). Too funny. I’ve already added it to my birthday wishlist.

Product page- more info & buy it here: Redneck Life Board Game

2 thoughts on “Game of Redneck Life Board Game Yeehaw Y’all

  1. This game is awesome and I plan to get my own copy. At GENCON last weekend I was walking by and heard someone say “The one with the most teeth wins!” so I had to sit down and play. I have some in-laws that I MUST buy this for. Their web site even allows you to download the PDF so you can print your own play sheets:

    I played a little of the Trailer Park Wars but didn’t get into as much as I did this one. I think part of the reason is that I played “Life” alot when I was a younger and this reminded me of that. One card I got that I remember said something like “GrandPa is circling the drain. Pay $200 for funeral planning expenses.” LMAO.

  2. Oh and I forgot … you roll the dice to get a name using name lists provided. Say you roll a red 4 and a blue 6. In the red list a 4 is Jimmy and on the blue list a 6 is Joe Bob… so my name for the game was Jimmy Joe Bob. There is a list of girl names, too. When you get married you roll for your spouses name (There are lists for womens names, too) and again when you get re-married (oh yea)!

    I had 5 kids named Darryl, 3 named Jr., and one named Jebidiah. Near the end of the game CPS took them all away and i lost money.

    I could go on and on.

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