C-3PO Action Figure Case Guitar

c3po guitar
Rock the Cantina with this Star Wars guitar. Made by Rainy Day Instruments, the body of this electric guitar is a repurposed C-3PO action figure case (who even knew they had another one besides the Vader case?) The case can still open up and talk (why didn’t the Darth Vader one talk? too scary probably).
c3po guitar2
While threepio is not exactly known for his smooth melodic speech pattern, that never stopped anyone from succeeding in music *cough* Bob Dylan *cough*. Well, now that I’ve insulted the greatest lyricist of a generation, let’s throw another damper on your day- the one of a kind guitar is no longer available and there doesn’t appear to be any video of it in action. Boooo. Perhaps contact RDI above to make you another one if you want or just talk to your local luthier extraordinaire. (via technabob)