Warzone Photojournalist Action Figure

It takes a real hero to drop into the middle of a warzone armed with nothing but a high end camera, lenses, and a set of brass balls. Toymaster has created the War Journalist: Battlefield Hero action figures to commemorate those who put themselves in danger to present the story. He’s a 1/6 scale figure, which puts him at about 12 inches tall.
The action figure, which looks a whole lot like Leonardo DiCaprio, has a whole range of interchangeable accessories ranging from his clothes and jewelry to a water bottle to a complete set of lenses in his camera bag. There’s even a little laptop so he can upload his shots back to the studio and check out Facebook in his downtime. Just kidding, a dude this bad-ass doesn’t have any downtime.

He’s even got a CNN press pass to wear around his neck and a cell phone with Bluetooth earpiece (presumably with Anderson Cooper on speed dial). These figures don’t seem to be around much, although a few pop up right here on eBay, as well as the mini toy camera kits being sold separately for any photo enthusiast who likes miniatures. (via petapixel)