Foam Axe Throwing Game

Axe throwing is all the rage these days, everyone’s an angry lumberjack. Now you (and/or your kids) can get in on the action at home with this Warrior’s Mark Axe Throwing Game. It’s all the fun of hurling sharpened objects through the air without the risk of losing a limb or head because the axes are made of foam instead of deadly metal and concussion-causing wooden handles. It’s just like darts but way more badass. The foam axes have an easy-stick strip on the “blade” which lets them stick to the board when you make that perfect throw. See:

Bullseye! You can use the 26″ target either indoors or outdoors. It comes with a suction cup and door hanger to mount it wherever you want. Challenge your friends or just take out some stress in a fun way. Also includes a carry pouch so you can take it with you everywhere and of course 2 foam axes. Become an axepert! And nobody gets hurt.