Dehydrated Edible Zebra Tarantula

There’s all sorts of jerky and dehydrated foods you can buy these days, many of which you would look forward to eating. And then there’s the Dehydrated Zebra Tarantula. Yep, inside that can is one huge edible spider. Thankfully it’s not alive, but it once was. Now it’s food, boiled and then dehydrated and flavored like barbecue. Not fried like those other edible bugs, this is the healthy choice. High in protein for it’s size. No artificial flavors (not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing in this case). No artificial colors.

This dehydrated monster masterfully straddles the line between something you either want to try to see how it tastes, or something you give as a novelty gift or unusual stocking stuffer. If you choose gag gift, nobody will believe that there’s an actual spider in there until they open it up and hilarity further ensues. And maybe with enough eggnog in you or your victim and some bravery, this could make a little snack.