Flash Drive Family Car USB Hub

usb family car drives
This is the family of USB flash drives that…well… uhmm… these drives “drive” together. While it may be an unintentional play on words (since this is made by an Italian company), this little car USB hub is intentionally cute. Load up the kids and go for a drive. You could use this to plug in all your various USB cables and devices or you could pick up the matching family of USB flash drives that fit right into this wagon:
family usb drives
The people drives each hold 4 GB (even the kids! damn know-it-alls) and are sold individually so you can mix and match to create any type of family of drives you want. Personally, I’m going to double up and go Brady Bunch style on this one- sorry Alice, no room in this hub for you. Oh my nose! (via gizmodo)

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