Kool Aid Scented Sneakers

Kool Aid Scented SneakersReebok has just introduced Kool Aid scented sneakers in three lovely scents- grape, cherry and strawberry. This may be either the best or worst sneaker concept of all time. “Hey buddy come smell my feet” “No way dude, I’m not going anywhere near your stankass feet” “No seriously it smells like cherry- I’ve got Kool Aid Reeboks” “Ok I’ll do it…hmm it does sort of smell like cherries- cherry flavored cheese”. This product tie-in does make sense because since introducing the round sneaker Reebok has become the footwear of choice for the Kool Aid Man- oooh yeah. Maybe if they combined this with the Reebok Pump, you’d be like a human powered Glade Plugin. Available now in fine stores everywhere.

via Styledash