Pawcet Dog Operated Drinking Fountain

pawcet dog fountain
We’ve covered other self-drinking solutions for dogs before but this one is definitely the best designed one yet. Meet the Pawcet, a drinking fountain for dogs. The Pawcet attaches to any standard 5/8″ garden hose. Your dog simply presses the pedal down and up comes a stream of water. You can set it up anywhere your hose will reach.
It’s fresh water on demand, no human needed. Most dogs should pick up on how to operate it really quickly. Forget about dirty dog bowls. Forget about standing water in your yard. Forget about your dog knocking over it’s water bowl spilling water everywhere. It’s a never-ending stream of puppy hydration, paw controlled.
pawcet with dog
A knob near the hose attachment lets you control the flow level to suit your dog’s needs. A low fountain for small dogs, higher spray for big dogs. You and your dog will love it. Made of plastic, the Pawcet measures 9″ L x 9″ W x 1.5″ D.