Smartphone Projector

smart phone projector
Turn your phone into an old school movie projector with the Smartphone Projector. This ingenious contraption is made of cardboard with a glass lens. Shipped flat, you fold up the cardboard and use a little glue to make a box that looks just like an old movie projector. It’s small, inexpensive, and lightweight so you can bring it anywhere you want.
smart phone projector2
Insert your phone into the slot at the back, turn up your brightness to 100%, dim the lights, aim it at a blank white wall or screen and the glass lens magnifies the image on your phone up to 8 times. Show movies, stream videos, pictures of your kids or vacation, or just an endless stream of your best selfies.
smart phone projector in use
It’s just like a movie screening in your own home. LoFi at it’s finest. Sure you could probably hook up your phone to your TV or use an expensive electronic projector but what’s the fun in that? Now all you need to do is pop some popcorn and start the selfiefest.