Berlin Boombox is Made of Cardboard

cardboard boombox
Cardboard electronics are not new (in fact we reviewed a Cardboard Radio a while back) but we really like the design of this Berlin Boombox. The bold black and white graphics harken back to the days of carrying a giant boombox on your shoulder while your buddy hauled in a rolled up sheet of linoleum. Except it’s a lot lighter than an old-school boombox since it’s cardboard (and only requires 3 AA batteries instead of a boatload of D’s). And since nobody breakdances anymore, you can skip the linoleum. But it doesn’t ship like that- it ships flat:
cardboard boombox flat
The boombox is essentially just a powered smartphone/iPod speaker dock; you slip your phone into the slot, hook up the stereo jack and control the volume and power through the single knob. The die-cut cardboard structure and minimal electronic parts all assemble quickly and easily without tools. Here’s what the back looks like:
berlin boombox back
Berlin based designer Axel Pfaender created the Berlin Boombox (hmmm, I wonder how he came up with the name). It even has a handy carrying handle. Another neat aspect is that since it’s made of cardboard, you can paint, doodle, or marker it up any way you want.

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