Manhattan Skyline Dish Rack

inception dishrack
Taking a cue from the movie Inception, Luca Nichetto created this sweet dish rack that is modeled after the Manhattan skyline. Unlike the movie, New York City won’t fold up onto itself here. Actually on second thought, since it is made of silicone rubber, you can sort of fold it up.
manhattan skyline dishrack
So it does fold up, but unlike Inception, there’s no Leonardo DiCaprio and you won’t feel like you just took acid (unless of course you actually did just take acid and you happen to know Leo. Can we be friends too then? You sound cool). It will however dry off your dishes as they wedge themselves amongst the skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan. You could also use it as a mail holder or desk organizer like this:
manhattan dish rack
As far as I can tell it’s a pretty accurate scale representation of the buildings in NYC- for reference that stepped building just in front of the letters is 30 Rockefeller Plaza and the pyramidal topped building on the right is World Wide Plaza at 50th and 8th. NYC knowledge bomb dropped, son. These would go great thematically with your set of New York Skyline Chairs and Empire State Building Cat Scratcher. (h/t)

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