Motorized Stunt Kite

motorized stunt kite 650x430 Motorized Stunt Kite
The kite has gone wireless (or “no strings attached” if you will)! I’m not exactly sure where the line between a kite and remote controlled aircraft falls but the Motorized Stunt Kite Motorized Stunt Kite is somewhere in the middle. This stunt kite has a remote controlled gimbal-mounted engine and propeller that lets you do some crazy aerial moves from up to 500 feet away via wireless controller.
motorized kite motor 650x406 Motorized Stunt Kite
The ripstop nylon delta shaped wings give the kite lift while a fiberglass frame and wing struts provide strength. The kite runs a rechargeable lithium battery and measures 27″ long by 5 feet wide. Clickthrough for the video (sorry can’t embed), this thing soars like a bird up there.

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