Brain Shaped Hard Drive and Light

brain hard drive
This is definitely the oddest yet most fascinating external hard drive we’ve ever come across. Since the hard drive is sort of like the brain of your computer (part of it anyway), why not encase one inside a brain shape? Then maybe add a giant spine for it to sit upon. That’s just what The Brain does. And it lights up. But not just light up like a lamp. This thing is a full on Chris Kuroda psychedelic jam session. Check the video:

Woo, so many pretty colors. The Brain actually has a method to it’s madness. When it’s idle, it flashes red. But as soon as the hard drive is accessed, it’s straight up dance party USA. Provide your own music. The whole thing was actually made completely from scratch. Basically everything is DIY except the hard drive itself. He started by sculpting a brain out of clay:
brain forming
Then a vacuum formed transparent mold of it was created. He built the controlling components onto a circuit board, even laser cut the case and the acrylic “spine” with all the discs inside.
brain base
The base is home made as well. The hard drive is actually in the base. It took quite a bit of programming to get the LEDs to light up in the proper sequence and at the proper times. I probably never thought I’d be saying this about an unwieldy 5 foot tall hard drive but it’s pretty cool (I actually never imagined I’d be writing about a 5 foot tall hard drive, period). I’d love to see this baby all lit up in the dark.