Samsung G-Series Hard Drives Are Purty

We normally don’t cover too many hard drives here because let’s face it- hard drives are just a box. But sometimes you have to think outside the box and that’s just what Samsung did with their unique looking G-Series hard drives. Now before you go expecting a hard drive shaped like the a triangle or something, let’s just say that Samsung thought more about the outside OF the box than the box itself. So we’ve got a hard drive with a unique looking casing full of little bumps. It’s sort of the Muno of hard drives. According to Samsung, the

“multi-faceted external case sparkles in the sun, much like sunlight filtering through the leaves of a baobab tree swaying in the wind”.

Well somebody had rainbows in their organic granola this morning! If you’re looking for Samsung’s product description guy, he’s playing hacky-sack in the parking lot of Samsung headquarters next to his VW bus covered in sunflowers. The case for these drives is also environmentally friendly. But the important facts to take home about the Samsung G-Series are that the drive looks good and don’t let the guy who writes the product descriptions anywhere near the punchbowl at your next party.