13 Foot Long David Hasselhoff Model

hassle the hoff
Don’t hassle the ‘Hoff. Well you certainly won’t be hassling this one because it’s massive: a 13 foot long model of David Hasselhoff himself. This oversized Baywatch style Hoff was created for the SpongeBob SquarePants movie in which he played himself (who knew? well probably anyone who saw the movie did, but certainly not me). But seriously this thing is quite large:
hoff huge
You may have also seen it in the Comedy Central roast a few years back. The prop was auctioned off last week by The Hoff himself- through an auction house, not just Michael Knight standing outside his house taking bids, for what was probably an absurd amount of money. Why wouldn’t he want a double scale version of himself just lying around his house? I know I would want one or two. If anyone knows how much it went for, or who won it, drop a comment please! (via blazenfluff)