Wobble Stool Wobbles But It Won’t Fall Down

wobble stool
Your body moves around while you sit, so why shouldn’t your chair? Or in this case, your stool. The Wobble Stool is an ergonomic seat that tilts and sways with you. Great for “active sitting”. Like most stools, the seat rotates 360 degrees and the height can be adjusted to size. But this stool has a flexible neck and a counterbalance so it always returns to upright. This is probably a stool more suited for an office than a bar, right? Look at this picture of ergonomic perfection:
wobble stools
Along with nearly everything else the average person does, just sitting still is bad for your health. In fact, I’m getting Economy Class Syndrome right now while typing this out- and I’m not even on a plane. So yeah, move around a bit while you sit at your desk, and the Wobble Stool will help you do that. Plus if you really really bend it, perhaps you can catapult yourself towards the copier.

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