Playable Electric Guitar Messenger Bag Rocks

Uhm awesome?! It’s a messenger bag with an playable guitar on the outside. The Electronic Rock Guitar Bag has a miniature amplifier that works as a speaker (and goes up to 11, natch) for the working guitar on the bag. The buttons on the neck of the guitar are pre-tuned to various rock chords, so all you have to do is select one and start strumming away. Inside the bag there’s lots of pockets to store your stuff:

That will fit up to a 17″ laptop inside. So it’s not a real guitar, more of a video game style guitar but it really does play music when you strum it and at $49.99, it’s priced on a par with other inferior non-music playing laptop bags. And since you can’t put your laptop inside a guitar, it has to be. Super cool stuff.

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