Light Up Lightsaber Sunglasses

light saber sunglasses
Whether you live on Tatooine with it’s two suns or Earth with it’s measly single sun, it’s best to protect your eyes from dangerous rays. With these Lightsaber Sunglasses you can keep your eyes shielded and your defenses up because they have light-up lightsabers on each side. The shades come in three color styles (Jedi blue, Jedi green, or Sith red):
light saber sunglasses styles
These Wayfarer-style sunglasses run on a pair of replaceable batteries powering two tiny LED lights on both sides. Each arm can be turned on or off individually. Even without the protection of a Jedi’s deadly weapon, these sunglasses look pretty solid.
light saber shades
Cool beans, and remember young Padawans: stay safe out there whether you are in the bright sun or the dark dancefloor. And may the Force be with you.