Light Up Lightsaber Sneakers

Kids get all the coolest things these days! Like these Star Wars by Stride Rite Dueling Lightsaber Lighted Sneaker that really light up! How cool is that!? A fourth sentence in a row with an exclamation point! Yes- a new record! One side is Jedi and one side is Sith, so you can battle it out with the red and blue lightsabers (although I suppose you would be kicking yourself if you did this while wearing them).

Velcro enclosures keep your feet in place. Unfortunately for you kids at heart, these are only available in real kids/toddler sizes. The Craziest Gadgets junior intern has a different pair of Star Wars Stride Rite sneakers (the R2-D2 model) and can vouch that they are a pretty durable pair of sneakers. You do pay a slight premium but they would also make a nice display piece when the kids outgrow them, and they are more likely to outgrow them than wear them out. (via gizmodo)

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