Nike Bicycle Glasses Extend Your Peripheral Vision

Nike is developing a pair of glasses for bicycling that will extend your peripheral vision to be able to see objects behind you. The Nike Hindsight glasses add a special type of lens to the sides of the glasses which allow for a field of view greater than the human limit of 180º. You will be able to see an extra 25º of view on both sides. The lenses do distort the images on the side but the human eye can only detect motion in that area so the image will remain clear to the eye. Wearing these glasses while bicycling will let you see cars (or other cyclists if you’re in a race) coming up from behind you. The Hindsight is still a concept at this point but it’s simple enough that it may very well make it into production soon.

via crunchgear

3 thoughts on “Nike Bicycle Glasses Extend Your Peripheral Vision

  1. These are a great idea. They are similar to the German mirrors I bought to replace my USA mirrors on my car that have edges that show wide angle. Why don’t we have these in the US still????

  2. These are a great idea for cycling, probably not too bad for running/freerunning either.
    However, looking at these makes me think the technology could be applied to help individuals with one eye extend their vision some what around the nose too. Not nearly as big a sales group to pitch it to but it might help many people in need. -Just an idea-

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