Review: SoundDew Wireless Water Resistant Speaker

sounddew in hand
The folks from White Label sent over one of their SoundDew Wireless Speakers to review and we’re really loving this durable little speaker. As you can see above the speaker is palm-sized (about 3″ across) and has a small loop on the top. It’s pretty lightweight and has a rubbery outer ring and back with a hard plastic front speaker grill. Our first order of business was to charge it up via the included USB cable. The battery charged up in a few hours and although we haven’t used it up, it should be good for about 10 hours of playback and 100 hours on standby. There are 3 buttons on the side:
sounddew side
Setup was simple, we pressed the center button to turn it on, then held it down until we were able to connect it via Bluetooth to the phone. It can connect with any Bluetooth device- phone, iPod, computer, etc. The Bluetooth works up to 33 feet away and we were able to use it anywhere in the house without any issues- even while the phone was charging in another room. Next up was to really take advantage of it and bring it in the shower. Yes, the shower- it’s water resistant (IPX4 level- which means it can stand drops of water and splashing for 5 minutes).
sounddew in shower
There are two things we were looking for- would it work while getting wet and would it be loud enough to hear the music over the shower. It passed on both counts. While you’re not going to use it in place of your booming bass subwoofer and home theater system, it certainly was loud and clear enough to hear over the shower and to fill up any room with a fair amount of sound for it’s size. The volume buttons were simple enough to use with wet hands.
sounddew wet
There it is, wet and still working. The SoundDew also has a built-in microphone, so you can use it to take and receive calls. The rubber loop on top makes it ideal for hanging in your shower, boat, poolside, or on your bike or backpack. It’s water resistance and durability make it a great little speaker for outdoor sports and beach enthusiasts too. Or use it while washing dishes and keep your phone safely protected in your pocket.

Overall we really liked the SoundDew. Does it have a thousand buttons and every feature under the sun? No. Does it work great as a durable, basic and highly portable speaker that can get dusty and wet and still let you hear your music? Absolutely.