GPS Enabled Ski Gloves

gps ski gloves
Never lose your way on the slopes again with the GPS X-PLORE.XGX Ski Gloves. These are the first gloves with a built-in GPS. The gloves even have a little display screen on the thumb. The ski gloves track position, altitude, distance traveled, duration, and descent velocity. Connects to your computer via USB. You can plan out a route on the computer and then follow up to 12,000 saved waypoints to find your way.
gps ski glove display
The arrow will direct you at a glance. If you don’t have a route input, the arrow is a compass. The other info on the display is provided in real time. The gloves provide 20 hours of GPS usage per 4 hour charge. And since they are ski gloves they are insulated, water and wind-proof, and breathable.