NYC Subway Doors Backpack

nyc subway backpack
Stand clear of the closing doors please…bing! Get into the New York City underground style with this Mojo Subway Doors Backpack featuring iconic imagery from the NYC subway. This backpack has a neat trick when you unzip the “doors”- it reveals a station (you’re heading downtown!) It also has a regular top zipper in case you wanted to, you know, hold stuff in it.
subway doors backpack
New York, New York- it’s a hell of a town… The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down. Whether you’re doing fine on the 1 and 9, or on the L you’re doing swell, New York you make it happen. So whether you’re a straphanger, pole hugger, door leaner, seat claimer, pan handler, through walker, candy seller (you ain’t on no basketball team, buddy), pre-stop pusher, flying tourist, or rapping conductor, this is your bag.