USB Powered Pellet Gun

usb bb gun
You would think being tethered to a computer would hamper the use of a miniature sized Airsoft gun in some way but they did it anyway. This USB BB Gun is like a mini-rifle defender and it actually has a camera built in so it can use your computer monitor as the viewfinder. You still can only shoot things that are near your computer unless you feel like running around with a laptop in one hand and the gun in the other. Looking for a completely over-stylized action film that barely shows the gadget? Right here:

I have no idea who this product is for, it seems like even Airsoft pellets are too dangerous for general office warfare (stick with nerf!) plus it costs nearly $100. I guess if you really really need to defend that red stapler from those cubicle vultures, it would be effective. (via everythingusb)